Become the man you need to be to conquer your challenges.

Win at work.

Win at home.

Ok, Dr. Mike

I want to stop walking on eggshells at home and be the husband and father my family needs.

I want to advance my career without sacrificing my family.

I want to have a sense of meaning and purpose in what I do.

I want to stop feeling isolated.

I want to stop just going through the motions.

I want to win at work, while winning at home where it matters most!


You can be the man you want to be.


You used to thrive on connection but now as a husband and father you often feel like you're going it alone to keep everthing afloat. Remember what it feels like to build meaningful, supportive relationships.


Looking out for the needs of your family and working a 9-5 or keeping customers happy, you can lose your voice, or purpose. Regain your voice, your autonomy and start gaining ground again..


Failures, setbacks, and losses. They are part of all of our stories. Let your negative experiences make you even stronger and more determined to rise up again and be even more successful.

You have the opportunity to prioritize your own growth and development. You know the man you want to be. Take the next step that will make you more like him.

Dr. Mike Haarer, PhD

Personal and Professional Coach

Organizational Leader

Parenting Expert

Using his clinical training and experience as an organizational leader and parenting expert, Mike specializes in helping men become the husbands and fathers they want to be while also developing a sense of meaning and purpose in their work.

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